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For the black nation to achieve economic freedom, we need to look at developing and nurturing a mindset that thrives for radical economic transformation and decolonization. In order for us to compete with global currencies and economies, we would need a strong-black embedded financial structure.  How can we achieve this?…

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Black Community Business

BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESS The Asians and white people support one another in their businesses. In these communities, money will circulate more or longer among themselves before it is used outside their circle. I have seen Asians turning in droves to buy vegetables, fruits and other basics from…

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Megatong Nursery: Beekeeping

Itumeleng Pooe of Megatong Nursery is contributing his vast knowledge on beekeeping that will be made available to the community through the newly founded Green Business College. This piece is a continuation from an earlier feature from Megatong; he expands from where he last left off plus people can now…

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