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We are an “Upper Middle Class” society in South Afrika, according to certain ‘affluent’ people.

Most, if not all, social commentators will say that the country and continent’s ‘problems’ are a combination of Gender, Class and Race factors and Power Dynamics. There are even arguments of the existence of a “Black Middle Class“. The more ‘affluent’ members of the black middle class are often portrayed as conspicuous consumers, so-called “Black Diamonds” who earn between R16,000 and R50,000 per month, have a tertiary qualification, a white-collar job and are under the age of 44.

Part of the idea and identity of being the black middle class is to engage in consumption for its own sake.  Consumption patterns among blacks are described by multiple factors that include class position, and personal relationships.  The class identity of one’s parents is a major factor, as is the need to belong to or escape one’s community (black) and the need to navigate a hostile (White Supremacist) world in which racial identity still matters.

For some the need and desire to escape the image of Blackness and Poverty as separate yet interlinked concepts becomes the reality based fundamentally on the individuals gender and sexual preference.  They use and represent an imaginary Economic Power, as these groups don’t Own and Control any Land or Industry.  They don’t usually produce and own entire productions, distributions, sales, advertising links of products and services they offer and are usually employed and dependent of white monopoly capital and its political crumbs.  Organized, Deliberate, Constructive Economic Behavior is a solution.

The 1st step is to get out of any dependency on European AmeriKKKan Intellectualism and reconstruct Black Consciousness, Pan Afrikanism and Black Womanist Feminism.  The 2nd step is reduce and remove any Debt, High Interest rate Funding, Employment and Self Negating or Self Destructive Service to White Owned companies, individuals, Corporations and so forth. Ultimately we are recreating our space and the world to maximally develop and protect our Afrikan Children and the Afrikan Continent for the Diaspora.  Power can only belong to the people when they learn how to create it, develop it, share it, grow it and use it.  We are the One’s We have been waiting For.  Out of MY personal research, analyses and interest I have drawn up a list, not in order of Importance…

Black Owned Businesses Cooperative Conglomerates; we need to develop as soon as possible in the next 12 months:

-A Black Owned and Controlled CYBER security firm

-A Black Owned Social Network or Major App Developer

-A large Black Owned chain of Hair Salons and Black Natural Hair Products

-A large Black Owned Consumer Technology Manufacturer i.e Cellphones or Tablets and Warehouse

-A large Black Owned Consumer Software Developer or SAAS provider

-A large Black Owned Video Game publisher

-A large Black Owned Medical Services provider

-A large Black Owned Commercial Real estate related firm (We want Our Land!)

-A large Black Owned Transportation or Transportation Components Related Business (That Will do Pan Afrikan Continental Travel)

-A Black Conscious Black Mega Church (Black God)


By Bird.

Facebook: Thomas Black.

Twitter: @PopeJohnBirdiii


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