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Many have echoed the cliché that “time is money”, however, only a few have seen the reality to it. Clearly stated, for the multitudes time is not money (as they hype it to be); whereas, for the few who have applied every letter of the law time has proven to be actual money.

If there’s one thing we learn from the physics of time; it’s that time is all we have. And if there’s one thing we learn from the science of economics; it’s that money is all we need to cherish the time we have. Ultimately, time and money are conjoined twins that share the same heart and are fed blood by one aorta. Consequently, separating these two entities takes away the sting from whatever we exert ourselves in.

Time, as many are in agreement, is money and every second on the watch translates to a rand. Therefore, I shouldn’t be framed a Mormon-worshiper when I say I’m a-rand-a-second kind of guy. To those who are still not converted by this sermon, take your time and listen carefully: Money is the newly self-assigned spokesperson of time, whether you’re using a digital or analogue clock – Money Talks! Whilst we’re still on it; money has become a universal language – and English is second to it. When Bill Gates speaks even the deaf take notice, because his net worth is loud-mouthed.

Let’s crunch numbers for a second. If you were to put aside R1 every second, you’d make something close to R6-million a day (try the same formula with minutes). If you seamlessly continue with the same pattern for a year, your account would more than likely supersize to an estimated gross amount of R2-billion (that’s R525600 if you opt for the minute method). As a mental experiment, let this pattern continue for twenty-years and bag yourself an estimated thirty-eight billion.

Of course, this is not an overnight accomplishment, neither is it impossible. Yet, for many black folks (especially those said to be middle-class citizens) this is a far-fetched mission and seems above their weight. It is inescapable, that our financial education wasn’t, thoroughly, instilled in us at a young age, hence, you rarely come across one black person who exhibits financial discipline, if you do, consider it sheer luck.

All in all, the world operates under a monetary framework. As a result, ours should be a goal-oriented mission to capitalize on the time we have and invest our energy on enterprises that will bring forth unprecedented financial growth.


Blessing Mavuso AKA Socrates Ndukuya

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