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A vital note to women:

If a man wants you to open your legs for him and he has yet to open his heart for you to productively merge with him, then he is not that into you and only has an interest in being inside of you to release his low frequency.
Many women make the tragic mistake of having sex with a man and then later on wasting their life trying to continually inquire about how the man feels about her. No No No, it is wise to mutually know and build upon how you both feel about each other before swapping addictive sexual energy. Sex is an extension of a sensation that all humans feed through physical interaction in order to calm the sensation, but the physical act does not instantaneously create love, trust and respect…Interact beyond the surface!

A vital note to men:

If a woman is more concerned with what’s in your pocket, before she has gotten to know what’s in your heart, then she is not the ONE for you. That dynamic will only be a low frequency of her continuously inquiring about what you can do for her and void of her showing any interest in how you are doing internally.
Many men make the tragic mistake of having sex with women who drain their life force and thinking that repetitive pattern will eventually be satisfying, but it never is. Feeding from low frequency energy appears to be filling in the moment, but you are ultimately always left hungry. It is wise to choose a woman who is naturally very inspiring to you, one who’s energy instantly recharges yours when intertwined in her essence, one who first wants to know how you are doing and not just what you are doing (for her)…Interact beyond the surface!

By Kali Jenkins(Mystic Rose)

from Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Writer, explorer, photographer, muse

kali jenke


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