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Marching is definitely not what it used to be. I think there probably was a genuine time and genuine movements that were about justice. Now it’s all just entertainment it seems, a bunch of people organizing to meet up, socialize on the surface, pose for photos with each other for social media and that’s it. Many “leaders” are in the fame game, the popularity game, the meet up with their male friends and meet lots of women game. I just see a lot of entertainment and no real sincerity. Because as each injustice occurs within the system, you know how powerful it would be for a million people to go straight to the source of each injustice and speak up and start boycotting certain corporations and businesses. When people aren’t being direct, they are just having a good time, meeting up, socializing, putting on a show, stroking each other’s egos.


When a black person is slaughtered by a white police officer, where are the million people that should be huddled around the police station until they fire, arrest and sentence that officer for murder? That would be effective. When black people are being followed, harassed and falsely arrested at white businesses, where are the million people to huddle around those stores until they get forced out of business? That would be effective. When black children are being teased at school and their self-esteem lowered by white teachers, just like when the white teacher cut the black girls hair as a form of “punishment”, where are the million people to storm the school until the teacher is fired and arrested for assault on a child? That would be effective. When non-black people are strategically flying, smuggling and importing drugs into the black communities to keep the people strung out and in a state of hopelessness, where are the million people marching to hold these invaders responsible for the “war on drugs”? That would be effective. Parasitic business licensing corporations give black people the hardest time and make black people jump through every hoop to be able to open up a business in any area they want, yet these same corporations quickly and easily give non-black people business licenses, quick inspections to be able to open up businesses. Where are the million people going to those “permission slip” corporations to demand fair business licensing? So many black shops and businesses get closed down because parasitic inspectors will lie and claim something wasn’t up to code.

There are plenty of situations where a million people should be directly demanding justice. So marching without any sense of direction and purpose is absolutely silly and black people should know that already.

By Mystic Rose


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