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Vuka Darkie is an African centered lifestyle archival Magazine geared towards instilling Afrocentric moral-value principles (self-love) and awakening the African nation. We are a contemporary African school of thought that appeals to a wide range of audiences, our editorial content entails Science, History, introspection, Economics, Wellness and Arts.

We aim not to only diagnose African related issues; we aim to remedy them together with our African brothers and sisters spanning the whole continent to the diaspora. We only publicize stories and images that are reflective of our trials and tribulations as Africans. We foster black unity without negativity. We promote quality Black business ownership, collective economics, Black Nationalism and African cultural heritage preservation. We cultivate your spirit through entrenching knowledge of self. We nourish the body, by prompting a healthy lifestyle. We enrich the mind, by feeding you elements of newsworthiness. And we reach the soul by portraying Art that epitomizes the African spirit.

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  1. hotep gents… i appreciate the work you guys are doing , i’ve been procrastinating establishing a similar program .im now comfortable that with like minded individuals around our afro supremacy will rise….

  2. Good day I’m Kagiso Nkabini, I’m a writer, aspiring entrepreneur and lover of life .You met Karabo Mogatle yesterday in rustenburg, 12 May 2015.ADR. He told me you are looking for a writer so contact me.

  3. I personally believe that this is the right platform for us as black people to wake our consciousness mind and realize that being black is not a shame but a blessing.On behalf of The Race of Life games, i would like to say big up to each and every black soul that made it possible for us to engage in such activities.”The basic tenet of black consciousness is that the black man must reject all value systems that seek to make him a foreigner in the country of his birth and reduce his basic human dignity”.

    FOUNDER of The Race of Life Games

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