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In the end the truth will be all that you have, whatever you believe will not matter. You will be mentally naked as the day that you were born; your external possessions will count for nothing. As you gained the experience to navigate through life, in transition only true knowledge of self will help you.

What follows is the dialogue that takes place between a man who has lived his life following the teachings of religion and a man who has lived his life following the teachings of his Ancestors. They have both transitioned and are walking into the light. The fact that one is Christian and the other person is of African descent comes from the things I have been exposed to growing up in the west and my parental background. There are many religions around the world as well as quite a few indigenous cultures, which share similar beliefs. No offence is intended, respect to one and all.

Religious Man: Greetings my friend.

Ancestral Man: Greetings my brother.

Religious Man: Am I really dead?

Ancestral Man: Not at all, you can see yourself right?

Religious Man: Yes I can, but no one over there could see me. I could see my body and people distressed as well as crying at the news of my passing, however no one could see me.

Ancestral Man: That part is not so good; no one likes to see their loved ones in pain. However it`s their tears and their love that helped get you here.

Religious Man: Where is here, are you a Christian, is this heaven?

Ancestral Man: No my friend, I was not a Christian and this place is where you originated from before you went to Earth.

Religious Man: No offence my friend, but I can`t believe that.

Ancestral Man: No offence taken.

Religious Man: I was brought up a Christian; we believe that when we die, we go to heaven.

Ancestral Man: Yeah I know, however we are both here and I am not a Christian.

Religious Man: Exactly what do you believe and why are you here?

Ancestral Man: I simply understand that the magnetic connection between parent and children transcends any belief or condition. I maintained my relationship with my ancestral relations whilst I was over there. Here is the realm of the ancestors; this is where we left from to go over there.

Religious Man: Okay then, that`s a bit much. Please forgive me for not immediately taking on all that you have just explained. I have believed that Jesus died to save us and the bible was Gods way to give a guide on how to live our lives. I do not hear any mention of Jesus or God in your understanding and why would I end up in this realm of the Ancestors and not in heaven.

Ancestral Man: The Jesus and God thing does not matter over here, as there is no need for religion anymore. It is how much you know about yourself and how to navigate your thoughts that matters over here.

Religious Man: Excuse me, what did you say?

Ancestral Man: As everyone eventually transitions even if they are good or bad, who did the Jesus concept, actually save? The outcome is the same in the end, as no one has confirmed the existence of heaven or hell; people live more in hope or fear, than understanding. The God concept over there is not expansive enough to incorporate all the facets found with all the different dimensions in existence. To say God just is, explains nothing.

Religious Man: I am sorry my friend, I do not follow what you are saying, this cannot be. I have been giving 10% of my earnings to the church for the majority of my life. My Pastor assured me I will be rewarded when I die, as God recognises my sacrifice.

Ancestral Man: Not sure what to tell you my friend. Can I ask, how you thought the pastor transferred the money? Paper with pictures and numbers printed on it, only has value over there. There are no banks or inflation over here, no wire transfers possible and giving the pastor money to pray for you, makes no sense as that is supposed to be his Job.

Religious Man: Ancestor worship you said, it`s coming back to me. You guys sacrificed animals as part of your practice. That is correct, tell me why do you do that?

Ancestral Man: It`s all about the life force, there is only one currency in this universe. From a smile to a hug, we are just exchanging life force. This energy is the only one that can be transferred across other dimensions. The animal`s energy field is prepared to enable the life force to carry the desired message over here. This should only be done when no other option is available as the taking of life should never be relished.

Religious Man: Is that not cruel to the animal?

Ancestral Man: Does a lion pray to god before it kills another animal. Man eats meat without concern for the life of the animal. Plants, trees, insects, fish and animals all have life force, which like us, has access to internal dimensions, like where we are now. Our ancestors taught us these sciences, as they understood that the reality required relationships with other energies found in nature, if a balance of energy was to be found in any environment.

Religious Man: Is this how you fed your ancestors?

Ancestral Man: No event in life happens without a group of energies coming together to make it so. As everything requires life force to make it take place, people are always looking to harness the attention life force of others to create their desired outcomes. People get swept up with the wave and before they know it, they are being used to promote an idea they do not control. Our ancestors only ask for the desired life force energy to prevent or generate the best outcome for their children. This can range from fruit to herbs and in worst cases animal life force if the situation requires it.

Religious Man: Is this like the blood of Jesus and the Holy Ghost?

Ancestral Man: I cannot speak to what the Holy Ghost originates from; this is not part of my understanding. I would dare to say that the blood of Jesus is based on trying to access the life force of the Jesus concept to try to affect events and overt problems.

Religious Man: I can make a little sense of that.

Ancestral Man: This is just the tip of the Iceberg, as there is so much to know regarding energies, which sounds like your holy ghost, co existing within humans and is behind many of their unexplained issues and uncontrolled actions. Often the biggest battle we have is taking place within ourselves.

Religious Man: What time is it?

Ancestral Man: Time does not exist like over there in this place. You have time to think, as the artificial clock is not constantly pushing you forward. The only thing constant over there is change and clock time. I digress, what is it that you need to know?

Religious Man: What happens next?

Ancestral Man: My people should be here soon.

Religious Man: Your people? Okay. I appreciate all that you have said, however I am sure that Jesus will be coming for me soon.

Ancestral Man: Thank you for the conversation; its time for me to go. I can see my grandfather and grandmother in the distance.

Ancestral Grandfather: How are you doing my son?

Ancestral Man: I am good, are they ready for me at home?

Ancestral Grandfather: We are. Everyone is looking forward to you coming…… Son, who is your friend?

Ancestral Man: I just met him, he is a nice guy.

Ancestral Grandfather: Who is he waiting for?

Ancestral Man: He`s a Christian.

Ancestral Grandfather: Oh, really.

Ancestral Man: Yes, he is.

Ancestral Grandfather: Greetings my friend.

Religious Man: Greetings, Sir.

Ancestral Grandfather: Do you have any relatives that can come and get you.

Religious Man: I do, I have some grandparents. I have not thought about them in awhile.

Ancestral Grandfather: Think of them now, I am sure they would like to see you. They will hear you and come for you.

Religious Man: I am waiting for Jesus. I am sure he will here soon.

Ancestral Grandfather: I hear where you are coming from, however there is no religion around here. We do not have the issues that require the need to seek hope from something we cannot see. We use science and relationships to create what we need. Money is not an issue, so survival is not our motivation in life anymore. People do not become good people because they die and ego still travels with people to this dimension. Go to your people to look after you for now. If you still want to look for Jesus, at least travel with people who know their way around.

Religious Man: Thanks for the advice, I will think about it.

Ancestral Grandfather: You have all the time you like to do that. Good luck my friend.

Ancestral Man: Yes my friend be good…… Grandfather it is time to leave.

Ancestral Grandfather: So it would seem.

Religious Man: You people take care and thanks for the conversation.

A little further down the road. Ancestral man stops his Grandfather.

Ancestral Man: Why did you not just tell him?

Ancestral Grandfather: Son this is not the first time you have been here. You did not always come when we came for you. Progress starts from learning from the mistakes you have made. I have not the right to cheat anyone from their evolution.

Ancestral Man: I still have a lot to learn.

Ancestral Grandfather: We all do.

By Edison Agbandje


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