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Hidden in plain view, our ancestors have been always with us. They have enjoyed every smile, witnessed every frown and experienced every tear drop. They have supported us in every step and essentially made us who were are today. We unfortunately, do not always show the appropriate respect for the sacrifices they made and now take our existence for granted.

Have you ever been told that you look the splitting image of another relative, that your smile is like one of your parents and that you have the abilities or interests of one your grandparents? In a society where appearances can be everything, it is easy to assume we are the image that we see.

When you look in the mirror, is that your face, your smile, your eyes. From the way you sit, the sound of your voice, the way you eat, the expressions on your face, these are all the actions of all the Ancestors that came before you. Your body is just a fruit from the family tree. Your face was once worn by an ancestor in recent times or in your Ancestral history.

You are the awareness within the shell. Like everything else , you have the thought and await you vessel to do it. You have no idea how it is done as you are the consciousness that makes requests to your only partner for life , i.e your body , and hope it responds as asked.

We say you rent your body from your family, when you come to this life. The only thing unique to you is your hands, your eyes and your blood. These things can change according to how you live your life. In your hands, can be read your destiny , your eyes reflect the life you have lived and your blood holds the history, the power, the potential and the pages for you to write chapters to the book of your Ancestry.

You are here to improve upon what has gone before and to provide a more diverse template for future generations to come. The truth is you are a returning Ancestor , you have comeback within the same family as the DNA and energy frequency is similar to that which is compatible with your consciousness. You have debts to pay, scores to settle and you want to correct wrongs within the family.

This can be difficult to achieve as you can easily become seduced by the wonders of the illusion. Before you know it , you can be working towards an artificial destiny, where your happiness can only be maintained by the man made product, called money. You have forgotten who you and what you are, and look for answers everywhere but within yourself.

The relationship with your ancestors does not end at their transition. When you realise that you are the consciousness and not the body and you can start to process your thoughts from that angle. You start to see more with your mind than with your eyes.

You can begin to listen to them speak within yourself; as what you describe as instinct. You can find out who you are from you DNA, as that has its own communicating intelligence as most of your organs do. The body is an amazing friend when stop thinking of it as yourself. Beside when you are in pain, no one gives their body a second thought. It has incredible power.

If your body is a temple, built by your ancestors; with their energy and their face on it, what should be you natural religion? Please honour them and your children, as they are also returning ancestors. If you ignore you ancestors you’re dis-empowering your children and your grandchildren to come.

Your soul holds your wisdom, your life is your school, your experience is your teacher and your evolution is your goal. Your ancestors are with you in mind , body and spirit. They all have different methods, however their agendas are the same. They will guide you to the right places and people. Trust in them and they will show you the way.

By Edison Agbandje

2 thoughts on “Ancestral Essence

  1. Thank you, it does resonate with my feelings. Unfortunately I never met my grandies and i feel a deep sadness in my heart as I grow up. My parents didn’t explain what happened to their parents, only that the grandies went to rest while my parents were very young. My parents won’t go into details perhaps to avoid our suffering for their and our loses. My mother told us her father died doe to alcohol – probably more like a warning about the eveils of alcohol consumtion. History of my country was tought by the invader-enemies, in such a way that we hated history altogether. Later on reading the history of my country, I realised my grandies life has been extremely harsh under occupation of the worst stock of foreigners. Greetings /Stephanie

  2. Wow!!! Thank you for this message, I am on this journey of acknowledging, honouring and serving EVERY ancenstor who is in me, I am reclaiming my power through them and my mind has never been more clearer than how it is today! May those that came before me, are in me, work through me to free our generation, and ALL future generations. Forever! Camagu! Ngiyezwa Mina!

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