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In countering projects already established by our former colonisers, we are not only validating the so called ‘inferiority complex’ that we are believed to experience, but we are also making history within a platform set by Euro-American modernity. Whilst it may sound reasonably sane to conduct deeds which might have swept the whole of society in admiration, it is of equal importance to be careful of what it is visibly exposed before our eyes. The efforts of the African Diaspora are greatly appreciated in the quest for justice. It might have been a rationally thought cause to organise a Miss Black Pageant in the late 60s in America, but was it a self-proclaimed black initiative? The answer is a resounding no!


Pageants have been part of society for centuries and Africans cannot historically claim mother to these events. Beauty pageants, as distinctly European, were staged as Eurocentric social engineering initiatives to validate and reinforce European beauty. They were appropriated societal tools utilized to strengthened Eurocentricism. It cannot be revolutionary correct to counter projects that dehumanize us by re-applying the same details and console ourselves by conditioning them in our own character. Perhaps one can be pretentiously naughty and embrace the idea of beauty pageants for their own sake. Drawing on from the recent Miss South Africa which was held in Sun City, we continue to witness the psychological warfare that the whiteman had launched on us. The Miss South Africa pageant is pure evidence that we are constrained by our entrapment in global coloniality. We cannot escape no more. But yet again, the name of our country itself is a misrepresentation concoction construct that was firmly imposed on a people of Africa origin. Although it carries with it ‘Africa’ but it’s a Western imposition. In our quest for a revived Africa; in our journey to reclaim an Africa that embraces pre-colonial formations, we ought to embrace African nationalism in its entirety.


Ndumiso Maseko

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