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Politics can be equated to War without guns and War is an extension of Politics.
At the Individual, Family and Community level. Unity of purpose is strength.

In our quest for equality, respect and dignity, Black People have to acquire some level of social power. And that power is expressed most naturally in Business or Economics and Technology.

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange is owned 98% by White Europeans, AmeriKKKans, and no amount of marching will plead, coerce, seduce, manipulate, or force anyone to give any of it up. That reality will be changed, challenged and neutralized by the work and sacrifice of dedicated, disciplined Black Men and Wombmen.

The average White Male begins his “Wealth Building Phase” at the age of 16 and maintains and expands his wealth till 45-55years old and by then he has made saved, invested enough wealth to be passed on to 2 Generations.

The average Black Male who begins his “Wealth Building Phase” at 16 will be done by the time he is 25. By then he would be flat broke, in jail, alcohol or drug addicted and doing insurance commercials for the rest of his miserable life.

The average Black Male who begins his “Wealth Building Phase” will begin at 30 years old lasting until 65. In that time he will make, save hopefully invest enough to pay off his home bond, and take his children to university/college.

The average Black Male doesn’t know, understand and is denied the opportunity to undergo a “Wealth Building Phase”, and that is the tragedy facing every Black Household in the world today.

The 1st solution to fixing this problem is for any and every working Black Man and Woman to reduce their debt to zero! By Any Means Necessary.

We will not pay for anything in installments. We will begin to Save and invest for any and everything we want in life.

We will stop showing off the money we have or don’t have to each other and ourselves. There will be no more of buying and spending frivolously money we don’t have to impress each other and ourselves. Only a fool will replace his old little income money problems with new higher income money problems.

Real wealth is when you mentally and financially never have to worry about money anymore.

The money you earn is, of channeled correctly and working diligently with my friends and family to get yourself to never have to rely on an employer ever again.

Black Economic Empowerment, Affirmative Action, Black Industrialism; Black Economic Freedom cannot be attained in our lifetime if we play by the rules set up by White Monopoly Capital.
We need to consume only that which we Produce and Produce all that we consume.
Whoever Feeds You will always attempt to Control You.

We Say Never to Debt. Never to being indebted to the Multinational corporations that are the children of our former Colonizers. Still carrying Imperialist Blood in them.

Phamberi Ne Chimuranga
Phambeli nge’Mzabalazo

Thomas Black
Twitter: @PopeJohnBirdiii


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