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There are 3 ways in which white people, white supremacy has been able to maintain and expand white monopoly capital (ism).


  1. Start and run a successful business
  2. Invest in other successful businesses that other (mostly white) people have started.
  3. Inherit the fortunes of someone who did either or a combination of the above.


The recent “recession” was a result of white people and white monopoly capital setting up unstable and unsustainable debts and then defaulting them on a large enough scale then BUYING UP all those ‘assets’ for cheap under the disguise of Banks and other credit providers.


The continuous sophistication of “Economics” is just an effort at confusing ‘Developing countries’ who are attempting to create concrete material change in the lives of their populations.

Our grassroots experience is that our children are being manipulated into being debt craving skothanes, whose middle class desires leave us neck tied in debt trying to impress ourselves and the empty shells around us. This being a result of the mis-education, psychological warfare through advertising and mass-consumption that necessitates total dependence on the government and corporate companies to “create jobs” for us.



Imagine how different our Education system would be if we took our children to schools that taught them to Create Jobs for THEMSELVES. Instantly teaching our children to seek to solve the existing problems on an individual and group/community level.


Organizing our Natural, Material and Human Resources towards the construction and reconstruction of our lives, spaces and experiences for the maximum development and protection of our children and ourselves.



It begins at the individual/couple and family level. For young peoplea responsible Financial/Economic behavior is fundamental to fully realising the rest of their lives.



Any couple that lives off of 50% of their combined income while Saving/Investing the rest will be richer than everyone they know.


While avoiding debt by any means necessary. We never pay for anything in installments. We save up for anything and everything we want in life.


We aim is to stop working simply just to pay our bills, but rather to be in a financial position where bills don’t exist.


Beyond finding sustainable income, we will create multiple and alternative income that will be spent correctly and responsibly so that we are never tied to employers and the system again.


Creating, Supporting and Defending Black ‘Businesses’ is the initial step to Black Economic Freedom in Our Lifetime.



FB: Thomas Black

Twitter: @PopeJohnBirdiii


4 thoughts on “Black Economic Freedom pt II

  1. I really like this article. THomas, you’ve stated it properly and on point. We really need to know how to play the game (system), sticking to acute basics. People always run for complex stuff while lack basics. For how long do we have to be stuck on an American dream? Whereas Black Americans as well are stuck on white supremacy adoption and it’s all dillusions. We gotta know what’s important

    1. Any and every hustle can work if it is tied to the sociocultural values of the customer base. They love themselves and love the company if they see themsselves as part of the company.

      Hard work pays off.

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