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As a young boy, growing up with a poor grasp of Pan Afrikanism and its goal (Garveyite strand), I always asked myself, why is Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Lesotho, not part of South Africa just like Transkei, Qwaqwa, Bophuthatswana and Venda became, but as I received more awareness from my father on the matter, I came to appreciate Zimbabwe for what it is, the last grasp of Black hands on Afrika! Today I just wonder, why isn’t South Afrika, not only like Zimbabwe but a part of Zimbabwe and I know the answer and what needs to be done.

Elders, Sisters, brothers, friends, and family, you will perpetually hear this same point from me because I want it to be driven home, deep into your souls/minds! Unity is power! And unity with a sense of purpose is the only way. How do we obtain purpose? Well, consciousness raising is one way. I believe it is the duty of each of us to participate in the struggle, if not for ourselves then at least for our children’s sake.

White people used to be where Africans are today, and that is simply, self-hating and a huge inferioirity complex – has today been masked very well by many. They used to associate the high status of judging with nappy haired peoples, who in all honesty used to roam most of the earth in a very imperialistic fashion. These people must have run into some European people, which is where this association must stem from. HOWEVER, crucially, Europeans got over their self-esteem issues, at least in the open, and started to dominate. Today they’ve pretty much stopped wearing the wig they used to wear in their judicial system (a form of paying reverence to thought leaders – Africans), and instead indirectly compelled, through influence and oh well, media miseducation, nappy haired people, which come in the form of Africans mostly, to straighten their hair [called ‘relaxing’]. Today, nappy haired people call their natural hair ‘bad hair’, as they have been taught, and our women are not comfortable without straightening their hair, and want to be seen as equal to other races when in fact these seemingly small instances of self-negation aggregate to an explosive statement screaming “I HATE MYSELF”. These seemingly small instances of Self-hatred range from beliefs to glorification of other races where glorification is undue, to buying the horseshit claim that ‘fair’ means both White AND beautiful which definately results in deforming of self in the name of beautification, to language ‘preference’, to culture, and naming of oneself. White supremacy permeates all spheres of living, if you did not know. It automatically results in Self-cancellation, as we see today.

By Siyabonga Mviko

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