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The only thing that holds weight is power, beyond that, it should be obvious that no one cares about begging, screaming, wearing t shirts with passive writings on it, protesting, etc. I don’t even get emotionally attached to the redundant news stories anymore.

I was viewing and observing the video being passed around of the Texas cop who was chasing down black teens who were invited to a pool party in a predominantly white area. He deliberately was only hunting the black teens and forcing them onto the ground, pulling guns out, pulling on a black girl, grabbed her by the hair, forced her to the ground and was pressing his knee into her spine. The only thing that I personally was thinking is; this is some bold madness.

I know these teens have mothers, fathers, uncles, brothers, some sort of males in their life I hope. To keep it all the way raw, if anyone had any sense, that sadistic racist recessive creature would have been dead by midnight.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with private swift untraceable justice, he abused so many people that no one would know who to suspect, just handle your business, stay silent about it and carry on with life.

I certainly won’t be following this latest story because it will be the usual circus show. Al sharpton will show up, a pastor will be waiting in the wings to say “forgiveness is the way, leave it in jesus hands”, black families will be crying in court as the white folks try to somehow criminalize the black teens to make it seem like they were a threat to the parasitic police, the cop will be put on paid leave momentarily, so it can look like he is being reprimanded and when things cool off…Maniac cop will be back on the job!

By Mystic Rose (Author of Eternal Stimulation Activation Quotes)

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