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In order to reduce our legitimate demands for freedom and independence, Black Liberation has been reduced into a need for jobs and ‘equal’ ‘opportunity’ as it relates to being integrated into European American socioeconomic institutions and cultural models.

This false consciousness is perpetuated with a deliberate over and undertone that Africans will thus always depend on European-americans for survival, progress and civilisation.

Therefore in the current popular conceptions of demanding economic freedom in our lifetime, or radical economic transformation, we have to be clear in how these rhetoric and theories are going to be constructed into reality.

We do not want or need any jobs from our oppressors and exploiters. They are all modifications, and thus only modern sophisticated forms, of slavery.  They all demand that at some point we are deliberately ignorant to our reality, reject our own beings, and deny our humanity towards ourselves; others in the quest for profit.

Our development in relation to white supremacy is like that of a horse and its horse racer gambler owner. No white companies will develop us into political, economic or social freedom.

Even here in the villages and kasies of Occuped Azania, there is no multinational corporation that has ever brought development. They may have brought slave wage jobs, but no real development.

Note that every shop in every mall and plaza has to make 10 times profit what they pay sis Joyce and Patricia at the till. The money they make is the money all of Joyce and Patricia’s neighbours and cousins in the village spend in the shop every day

There is already an economy in the village or neighbourhood of, and by,
all those with minimum wage government jobs: teachers, nurses, doctors, etc., and SASSA recipients in the kasie. People who sell livestock, taverns and taxi owners, seamstresses, caterers all of those people in the neighbourhood, will spend their money at, for example, Shoprite while it will only pay a few people peanuts in return.  And we dare call this development.

The shop would not even be there in the 1st place if they did not know or believe that we already have the spending capacity or buying power to meet the white capitalists’ profit targets. So they are not really bringing any money into the neighbourhood, they are coming to take it, coming only with bigger shops with brighter lights and that is not development.

So the companies are not bringing any money or development here. They, in actual fact, came to the village for that money. When it’s not for money it’s for Natural Resources and Free to cheap labour.

Let us cease to be fooled by smoke and mirrors.

What we had to continue to do was to spend money on the family run spaza shops and integrated their business like the Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian and Chinese have done in our literal backyards. Our backyards because now they own every spaza in our yards, running our uncles and aunts out of business. Some of these yards aren’t even ours because we don’t have the title deeds to them, let alone the whole unresolved “Land Question” of Azania.

Black South Africans have no real control of any formal or informal economy or business sector in this country.

Those who try daily to spend their money amongst Africans must not falter, we must continue to search for, and create products and services that meet the needs of the Global African Population.

Group Economics and Black Capitalism will only work if it is rooted in African Cultural Regeneration. Socialism in Africa will only work if it is rooted in African Cultural Regeneration. Our culture is our immune system in the sense that we must create products and services that Maximally Develop and Protect the Global African Population like an immune system would develop and protect the body.

We must Regenerate the Cultural Codes, Ethos and Practises that Maximally Develop and Protect the Global African Population.

Using that as a central dogma and applying it to our personal and individual or group ideologies of Religion, Politics, Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labour, Law, Sex and War.

Only then can we automatically create a Culture of Liberation. A Black Economy.

This means that, we must not only start becoming comfortable buying all of our foods from African street vendors and shops. Buying clothes from black owned markets designers tailors etc and buying our petrol from black owned franchises only.
We must also become comfortable spending large amounts of money amongst Africans internationally. We must be comfortable putting all of our money and investments in Black Owned companies and banks, internationally.

We must be buying from each other Cars, Aeroplanes, Boats that we made ourselves. We must be making industrial machinery and trading in natural resources on a Southern African Development Community (SADC) at the least. Giving our fake currencies a backbone for survival when as it relates to the markets.

This integrated and deliberate attempt at solving our basic problems with products and services invented, created by and produced by black people is the ultimate behavioural solution as it relates to building and maintaining a Black Economy.

For African countries that lack constant reliable electricity that is the business opportunity for blacks interested in developing the continent.
For African countries that lack sustainable waste recycling and management systems that is the business opportunity for the black entrepreneur.
For African countries that have too expensive internet and slow connectivity, that is the opportunity for the next African Billionaire.
For African countries without a life sustaining health system that is the business opportunity for the Black capitalist.
For African countries with food insecurity and underdeveloped agricultural economy, that is the business opportunity for the Black Industrialist.
For African countries with potholed roads and unreliable infrastructure that is the opportunity for the Pan African Venture Socialist.
For African countries with colonised mis-education system that is the ultimate business problem to solve for the revolutionary trying to make change while feeding her family and making them proud.
False representations and anti-black propaganda will continue to be the norm in the media unless young journalist, writers, directors recreate an industry of their own producing and promoting their own content, products and services.
For African countries with backwards colonial traditions and practises, that is the task to solve for African Communist Social Scientists.


We are tasked with finding solutions for Africa, to promote an African Cultural Regeneration using Black Consciousness, Pan Africanism and Black Radical Feminism as the foundations – Applying them to our individual, personal or group political, economic and social ideologies. This can help create coherence in actualising certain prototypes of a decolonised society.

The beautyful ones are born.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Bird Kganakga

FB: Thomas Black
Twitter: @PopeJohnBirdiii


2 thoughts on “How to Build a Black Economy (part 2)

  1. Great!

    There is nothing developmental about shopping malls that have the same shops, owned by the same people which further widens the gap between the rich and the poor.

    Most of the jobs created through these malls pay slave wages. Infact most of these newly employed people are forced to buy goods on credit for they earn too little to be able to buy anything on cash. We therefore cannot regard the flooding of these shopping malls in our communities as development.

    1. YES Shudu

      We need to begin to see economic exploitation for exactly what it is without fear or favour. We shouldnt be duped into thinkinh thyings that destroy us and our communities are actually there to help us

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