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All throughout life I have observed people being frustrated about companies not having enough employment for the inhabitants of the planet, and everyone being in competition to get hired based on experience and most often it’s based on who you know. Many people are left without jobs and fall into depression from waiting for a company to hire them.

Let me tell you the raw truth. Anything can be created from absolutely nothing and it all starts with having a vision of what you want to do. No one in existence is going to seek you out and value you, that is an inner job, it first starts with having a high value of yourself. When you have a high value of yourself and a clear idea of what service you want to provide, you just have to instantly see yourself as the best and exude it. I use to test out the law of attraction theory in my early teen years, I was heavy into exploring metaphysics and continuously transforming myself and entering into whatever world I chose to. When I say enter into whatever world, that means every visual and idea you have, will lead you through a portal into another energy field vortex. Different jobs have different portals. As a preteen my first job was babysitting, I always put myself out there as the go to person, the most reliable, trust worthy, fun, interactive, etc. Then later on in the years I was surrounded by lots of military people, then, I ended up having an interest to want to give army wives makeovers who were a bit insecure and wanted to look good for their husbands. I created a whole niche of helping to boost people’s outer self-esteem and add some zest into their love lives. I myself use to model clothes at mall fashion shows, which then got me noticed by photographer’s and artists who paid me to model different looks for their portfolios, website’s, magazine’s, paintings, etc. Later on I, myself, became a photographer for children, family portraits, modeling portfolios, etc. At some point I briefly worked as an independent computer tech that would help people reformat their hard drive when they would get a virus. I also have always been a tutor to help children with reading, I have experience working with children with autism, people tended to trust me to bring out the best in their children.

The point is, I have always viewed myself as valuable and in a fun friendly way, I have always exuded everything I wanted to be involved in, socialized, let people gravitate towards me and let my experience and interactions be spread through word of mouth. The funny thing is, I keep my frequency high and it makes people gravitate to me for things I have yet to do, for example people always ask me if I make clothes and earrings. I also have had people wanting me to work in their self-owned restaurant as “the pretty hostess” that people will see and be greeted by. lol. I get the most random requests. Anyway, the point is when you work on feeling good about yourself, keeping your energy in a feel good natural vibration, people will essentially just want to be around you, want to pay you, will just want to have a part of your essence intertwined with them in every way possible, through whatever service you provide.

Life is actually an infinite magnetic vortex, all individuals are vibrating magnets. Observe yourself and keep your vibration in a high frequency and then you will be able to direct it into any energy field you want. Nothing is just going to be given to you, you have to first visualize yourself as whatever you want to be and what you want to explore at the moment and be it and then you will attract it. Put in the work of studying and mastering what you want to do, and then step into the role and you will embody that frequency. Literally any and everything can be summoned into your energy field. It’s never enough to just be talented, you have to have a unique “IT” factor as well and that “IT” factor is through having a dominant high frequency essence that is hard for people to ignore. The higher your frequency, the more noticeable you will be. Don’t view money as the value, view yourself as the ultimate high value….Everything else will subsequently flock to you!

By Mystic Rose

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