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The Jews have eruvs where the culture is distinctly Jewish and everyone has the same principle and is family, with similar goals in life.

Some of the Europeans of mostly Dutch descent have Orania and Kleinfontein; where they have scholars, engineers, accountants, auditors, anthropologists, geologists, architects and even their own currency and businesses, contractors, etc., – Basically, an Afrikaner world.

Arabs have their own banking systems, religion, architecture, claims to history of development, they have their own social structure and do not change for the world to accept them. They come as they are.

The Chinese have Mao, Confucius and Sun Tzu; whom they follow through and through. The Chinese establish a Chinese world wherever they go (outside China). They have Chinese shopping complexes and also their own gambling system by which they con desperate blacks. It is called ‘um-China’ or ‘fa-fee.’

The Somalians and the Ethiopians have begun organising themselves economically. Blacks in South Africa and the US particularly are a major failure. The intellectual and political section of these two groups which ‘see’ what is wrong, which ‘see’ solutions in theory do not act accordingly. They do not seem to have a way forward other than shouting various political slogans: Izwe Lethu, Siyaqhuba, Viva ANC, Asijiki, Black Power, etc.!

Hey, I am part of these people and I am just as guilty! Did we even notice that Indian peoples also have their own economic philosophy and it strictly says “support each other”? When are we going to set ourselves aside and provide an example for other Blacks to follow?

Set up a real community. Draw up a curriculum for schooling of our kids, say in Garveyite economics; pool funds and build a small school that is in ‘home’ schooling fashion but expanded to the communal level? Pool funds to educate the children of community members who must have the principles socialised to them. Pool funds to buy some land (from fellow Blacks) and work it. Teach self-subsistence and group economics first and foremost.

By Siyabonga Mviko


One thought on “Culture Over Hogwash

  1. This article has inspired me to preach the truth of this message to the youth; the born-free generations of South Africa who are our future leaders. We are manufacturing kings ! vukadarkie.

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