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When the words or phrases Foreign Direct Investment, Multinational Corporations, International Monetary Aid are said, the pictures being drawn are of White, other groups of people coming into Africa exploiting and abusing African Human and Natural resources.

We may be ‘free’, ‘Democratic’ and all other fancy sounding words but the basic relationship between Afrikans and European AmeriKKKans hasn’t changed much from the Master vs Slave Oppressor vs Oppressed. Conqueror vs Conquered framework.
And this basic relationship is dependent on Afrikan Collective Powerlessness.

White people and other groups, especially those who reside in Afrika, should be commuting to YOUR neighborhoods in hopes of working at YOUR world class businesses.
And not the other way around like our people is used to.

Our survival should not be dependent on the grace and mercy of another people.
Whoever feeds you will always (attempt to) control you, a statement made by many before.

Debt is slavery, credit is a chokehold. Credit is simply the huge shiny slave ship you willingly get on.

The difference between a 30 year old with R500k worth of debt and a 30 year old with R5k worth of debt is that R500k worth of *credit* was offered to only one of them.
That is the trap of Capitalistic Materialistic Mass Consumerism. I mean White Supremacy.

The rates of repossessions in our communities are appalling and embarrassing to say the least, and we have no business buying German cars, French cars, Italian cars, etc., that aren’t manufactured in Africa in the first place.

No one should be driving a new anything while in consumer debt, or student loan debt. No debt is good debt.

‘Healthy’ Financial behavioural patterns are linked to Economic Freedom. For example; If you can’t pay your rent with one week’s gross pay, You, good sir/madam cannot afford it. Rent, Bond or any form of living arrangement should not cost more than 25% or a quarter of your monthly income.
And if you have an irregular income or earn fortnightly, etc., divide.

Actual homeowners should never be forced to sell or get a second house loan because they need money to secure up all of the debt they’ve accumulated with their debt mentalities over the years.
This is the illusion of success and inclusion sold to our so-called middle class – which is an oxymoron because classism refers to wealth production and ownership and the so-called ‘middle class’ does not own or produce any wealth for itself. But that is a conversation for another day.

You need to be saving money to give that money back to the banks you technically owe it to, and not figuring out how to pay them MORE.

When you’re debt free, financially speaking, life isn’t about saving all of your money. That’s what you do when you’re in debt. It’s about enjoying your money while making it work for you according to the investment plans you’ve developed for yourself, your people and your future.


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