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Did you know the human race began in Africa?
That the first person with a fishing strategy dates back to Africa?
Discoveries are kept in western countries for them to leave us with propaganda.
Our history is sold to us, channeled in segments for you to get fragments of our agenda.
90 000 years ago, Africans in Zaire engineered artful harpoons to scoop marine life as means of food and trade.
It’s the truth that stems back to the roots.
There is nothing new under the sun, the killer knives were also mine to inherit.
My four hundred and forty-four fathers constructed the well accurate dagger.
Did you know the king of Ghana was once the richest of all thrones in this surface? Africa is still is if take time to think about it.
It is difficult to believe, because you can’t picture the colour of the face.
Well it was, Ghana had the enormous gold nuggets to trade.
Believe me when I tell you that the mined Gold in West Africa covered 3500 tons in those days.
It was 14th century I remember, walking to the King of Mali Mansa Musa to enquire about his space.
He told me a lot about the wealth that covered the place.
With lot of civilization admired by Europeans to date.
The 25 000 students who studied in the University Mosque, you can ask Dr. H. L. Gates.
The city of Timbuktu, the crafter of genius with the art of knowledge.
The city published numerous books, about 700 000 of them survived.
They had Mathematicians, Scientists who shaped civilization.

Did you know the Afro comb was invented in Egypt, the very same as the one used in these times?
Egypt had 90 pyramids in total.
The ancient pyramid of Giza stands tall to this very day and
contains about 2.3 million blocks of limestone and granite.
Open your eyes, ignite and think wise.
Re-adjust and glance back to your alcoves.
They built the first planned city in the land of Moses.
They built breath-taking mansions.

Did you know the city of Egypt Hawara, built a colossal building of 3500 rooms?
1500 of them underground.
43 000 years ago a hematite mine existed in Swaziland, Ngwenya mountain range.
In Zaire (25 000 years ago), now Congo, they invented arithmetic; crafting tools adorned with patterns.
We cultivated extensive pieces of land, now in the hands of other nationals, and built tools: grindstones, milling stones and cutting blades to name but a few.
The was the nifty craft of mummifying bodies, preserving them for a considerable period (others to this very day)
Did you know it all began in Africa?


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