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Ultimately unless we Overstand WHAT Racism (White Supremacy) is
(behavioral codes in systems of Education, Entertainment,
Economics, Labour, Law, Politics, Religion and Sex in warfare) and HOW
it works (Personally, Locally, Nationally and Internationally),
everything else we think we understand will only confuse us.
With this written effort I attempt to redraw a code of behavioural
values and patterns of perception and logic formation that will expose
the ‘loopholes’ to weaken the Power that allows whites, Asians or Arab
to conquer and colonise Africans, Blacks, Coloured, Negroes.  And to
build up the Power within Africans to counteract and neutralise this
oppression and ultimately organise to build civilizations of our own
that will maximally develop and protect us and our children.

LABOUR: Revolution is based on Land and the ownership of the means of
production. Society is stratified according to powers of demand vs.
supply and the organisation of the production patterns thereof. Where
War, Education and Economics meet provides the ability to maintain the
survival of a people while maximally developing the consciousness of
the society. Complete ownership of the means of productions and
creating demand for products and services that are specific to the
problems facing the African, Black, Negro, Coloured communities is the
1st step.
Most of us work directly or indirectly
for whites and multinational imperialism. This will cause our demise                                                                                                                                                 as it puts us in a social dependency position as well as an economic one,
and, indirectly, as we fund the further destruction and genocide of non-white                                                                                                                     populations – any employee or consumer of Samsung, Nokia,
Apple is indirectly linked to the wars in Congo/Brazzaville.
Any employee or consumer of Microsoft is indirectly responsible for
the polio vaccinations in Kenya that killed and sterilised large
groups of Blacks/Africans.
Employees of multinationals should learn the skills of trade,
technology, etc, within those companies and return them to the black
community. One can, for instance, work for IBM long enough to start                                                                                                                                                  a rival company, and transfer their skills back to the community.

LAW: Complete deconstruction, reconstruction and construction of the
institutions of Law… Remembering that Roman Dutch Law is such to
protect (Stolen) property and the property thieves. Or the ability to
murder TrayVon Martin, Andries Tatane without any repercussion. Big
Thief makes the law. Small thief dodges the Law…  Enforced by the
conqueror after conquest. The legal system has to be rewritten and
Judicial or Justice institutions reorganised to benefit the
Black/Non-White majority or minority; specifically in Africa and other
black majority ‘states’. The illusion of Political Power can be
solidified by Law to directly affect positively, the day-to-day
organisation of society and ‘cohesion’ thereof.

POLITICS:  In ”Neo-Colonial” states, the Political class are stooges
of Imperial Power i.e. Blacks in Power but the (Self) Negating Black
Condition persists.
Participating in Criminal Settler Colony politics means participating
in the hypocrisy of the institutions to move up in position/Power.
(Black) Political Power is thus an illusion if the Politrick Policy
Positions still benefit White Supremacy economically and socially…
Political parties with a Pan African view need to conference or
congress around specific tangible socio-economic programmes and direct
economic, technological, Intellectual trade beyond borders. Not only
to solidify independence from/against White Supremacy Politricks but
to strengthen Black, African, Coloured, Negro Power Globally.

RELIGION: It should be general Knowledge that JudeoIslamChristianity
philosophy has its roots in Africa but has been continuously
bastardised to fulfill psychological enslavement of Africans away from
themselves. It won’t be enough to change ‘Jesus’ face to black without
removing the Anglo Catholic racist philosophy left by King James. Or
Constantine. This is the fate fallen to H.I.M Selassie during his
exile in Europe. But He understood enough to return to say, “Until the
Philosophy that holds one race superior and another inferior is
abandoned and totally discredited then everyday is War’. Any
religious, theological philosophy any Black women and Child come
across (Malcolm X, Nat Turner) should be used to unify, organise,
defend and uplift Africans.

ENTERTAINMENT: For too long do we participate in Edutainment that
deliberately consciously and unconsciously demeans, degrades and
destroys Black, African, Coloured, Negro sense of self-knowledge, Love
and respect directly linked to benefit Economically and Socially white
Colonialism, Arab and lately Asian capitalist society…
The “mainstream” Visual and print media are the greatest sources of
Racism – White Supremacy portraying black lives and bodies as cheap
and tangible and we participate in it at our own demise. Too few and
far between do we get constructive nationalist entertainers.
Independent Black Conscious Pan African Artists and Entertainers
should use any means necessary to build bridges that promote a unified
culture of Black Love! Land and Evolution.

EDUCATION : A lot of effort and noise is made to ‘fix’ the ‘problem’
of ‘education’ in Africa or Africans in AmeriKKKa, Brazil, etc. While
in Zimbabwe and Nigeria where a lot of capital was spent educating the
population, the economy is unable to absorb university graduates into
the workforce.  This being because the education, from grade 1 to PhD
is still a continuation of Missionary institutionalism. To solve white
Colonial Capitalistic labour demands. What I mean is; the ‘we need
education’ cry is a refined sophisticated “we need the religion” to
save us from white supremacy cry, in this sense we need the education
to become managers or executives within the system of white
The education required in Africa or for Africans in the diaspora is an
education that is: 1. Rooted in the accurate description of African
History pre and postcolonial contact; 2. One that provides
sociopolitical context to resistance and rebellion movements in Africa
and the diaspora (incl. ones on the slave ships); 3. Education that
notes African civilisation and African contributions to
EuropeanAmeriKKKan “civilizations” meaning, most industrial and
technological inventions that were claimed as the slave masters own
inventions … and inventions today that are claimed by the master (Bill
Gates, IBM, Vodacom, etc.), 4. Ultimately an Education system that
provides adequate study of the problems facing Africa, Africans and
thus assisting pupils/students in creating solutions to the recognised

ECONOMICS: Any man, Womb man, or Child who claims to be Black
Conscious, Pan African or Patriotic (in a Black Majority State) and
doesn’t participate in collective economics is a liar. Every
rand/dollar should be deliberately spent at a black company, a black
franchise of a white company or a formally informal Black business.
Blacks, Africans, Coloured, Negroes should create all products that
construct our dreams, culture, beliefs, styles and society today…
If Ones dream is to own a sports car, One should find a black company
that manufactures sports cars, invest in, or fund a black company to
manufacture sports cars, or become a black manufacturer of sports cars
themselves.  We really need to stop subsiding our destruction.
The only power equating or eclipsing political power is wealth
concentration and not individual wealth, but collective group
concentration of wealth and the distribution thereof. Collective
Economics beyond border or continent is a necessity of yesterday.

SEX: Black Negro, Coloured African Men should love and respect their
mothers, sisters and themselves enough to not expect females to be
objects and therefore treat them as sexually expendable projects in a
process of attrition. Black, Negro, Coloured African Womb men should
love and respect their fathers, brothers and themselves enough to not
allow men to treat them with disrespect and therefore not behave in a
demeaning, degrading manner consciously or unconsciously inviting men
to feel like they can get away with behaving ‘uncouth’.  Moreover,
black men and Womb men should be confident enough to attempt
building successful, happy healthy survival units, families,
neighbourhoods and Nations/Kingdoms.

WAR: Where economics and Politics meet in the system of white
supremacy is the MilitaryIndustrialComplex.  War is Politics without
Bloodshed and Political Power grows from the barrel of the gun. This
war is for the maximal development and survival of specific groups.
Sometimes the enemy blindsides  and sacrifices his own, but with the
greater defeat on non-white groups, i.e. where WorldWar II was Germany
invading Poland/Britain/France but it was AmeriKKKa that dropped
Atomic bombs on Japan.

Black Land! Love, Independence! Revolution!


Thomas Black


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