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 In the movie Inception the premises of the flicker show was to try to implant a concept so deep into the target’s creative consciousness that he would treat the idea as natural, yet could not recall its origin.

Many would take comfort in the notion that such a rouse could not be perpetrated on them, to the contrary, they can identify immediately that the thought does not belong to them.

Their physiology would react and they would shut it down, to avoid additional pain.

As you can imagine we are not as mentally astute as our egos would have us believe.

Our education was designed to give us a standard design to interface with our external reality. Everything has been already named and categorised, we are now only required to memorize to be able to recite information when summoned.

Our need to think is only in reference to what we have memorized. We are to trust in the system and not ourselves.

We see all of this as natural as we are asked to complete and be successful in exams of these memorized concepts if we want all the glories of this illusion.

This cements the programmed memories deep into the creative reasoning of our minds. “I think therefore I am”, however whose thoughts are you using.

When they have you from a child to your early twenties can you be blamed for only seeing your world from their point of view?

Most of us see it normal to not be able to imagine things outside of their structured world view construct.

Religion is part of this construct, as it is buried deep into the subconscious of children as they learn to speak the language.

As children lose their ability to describe that which they see in their own sounds, they begin to lose their interface with their spiritual real selves.

We are now in language lock down, we can only think to the limit of the language constructor`s understanding and direction.

When your language does not match your ancestral psyche you find yourself having thoughts and feelings you can’t put into words.

Your mind can’t formulate these concepts with certainty as the architects have designed it that way, for their own protection.

People are confident in the concepts implanted in their thinking conscience when they were young – It is all they have known.

Ancestral curiosity does not go away, as our ancestors are trying to call us from the other side of our pineal gland.

We are without the language or belief that can translate their subtle inner sound wave frequencies into words we recognize and can present to our minds as a valid form of communication.

The architects have written many protection concept programs to block the interface between your real spiritual self as well as with your ancestors.

These programs are designed to trap your internal reasoning from your real spirit self and firmly encourage with terms like crazy, etc, to keep you only accessing their memorized education, to process your reality.

We do not hear, we breakdown sound light waves, coming from inside our minds, as well as coming from outside of us.

We convert those waves into sounds; we then pass them through our memory for recognition of any familiar patterns. If we find the sound, we then attach it to an image or concept corresponding to that sound. A language is merely agreed sound light waves for specific objects.

We have not been taught to recognise the sound waves originating from within us from our real selves or ancestors.

We are only the intelligence creating the inner voice, which we recognise as ourselves, as we comment, judge and explain, this reality we call our lives. That real you is never discussed.

They have imbedded protector concepts to stop us from trusting in ourselves and our ancestors.

Our parents’ love is one of the purest emotions that exist.

I came via them and will go back to them. That for me is the most logical and natural step.

You are entitled to believe as you want.

If you have to believe in the origin of a thing, but can’t explain it, you are like a blind person; where there is nothing wrong with your eyes, the problem is actually inside your mind.

We can never ever see what our minds have been taught are not real. You need to check who`s frames of imagination are you using to experience your own reality.

By Edison Agbanje


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