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Originally Kasified clothing is an African craft type of a brand, the pieces the brand produces are inspired by African elements; be they music, other forms of art, beliefs or traditions. The style of the brand is street wear mixed with tradition to afford them that African feel.

Muzi Mabena of Originally Kasified Clothing describes the journey as one that has been littered with obstacles and opportunities for him and the rest of the team. He informed us, “the journey began a while back with textile printing, but as time went on, because I wanted to let out the creative spirit in me, I ventured into other artistic forms of production. I designed beads, from bracelets, earrings, etc, accessories with an earthy element. And as time went on, because at the time I would just get things like t-shirts from a merchant and then print on it which limited my creativity, I started teaching myself how to sew. I can say I wanted to give to people and the world the creativity that was boiling from within. It happened that I could go to women in my area who knew how to sew and learn from them.” A great display of one of the great African philosophies, that is, of a village raising ‘child’.


The biggest drive was that Muzi and his fellow colleagues wanted to do what they’re doing and they told themselves that they would do whatever it takes to get it done and it happened. It was the love of the art and desire that was the biggest drive to get to where the brand is at today.

Originally Kasified Clothing has involved itself with numerous markets, in them there is the Soweto Arts & Crafts Fair, Art of Soweto Markets, Fox Street Art Market, Locrate Market, Neighbourgoods Market, and others, and continues to partake in a number of them. “From the markets that we have been too, we have been able to create relationships and form connections that continue to grow the brand,” said Muzi.

The brand has partaken, and wowed audiences, in platforms such as your Soweto Fashion week, Mamelodi Fashion week, CC creations Fashion, South African Fashion Conference and next the brand is tackling the South African Fashion week (menswear competition). Dedication and hard work continue to drive the brand to higher and greater levels of excellence. And the excellence is owed to staying true to one’s identity and allowing that very definition of identity to inspire one’s work.


The brand is driven by the love of the art of producing. One can tell from what they produce to how they represent they are brand that they live art, as Muzi puts it; they sleep, dream, wake up to and eat art, the mind is consumed by fabric interwoven over every brain cell.

From the unique fabrics they use, passing through the machine and given that special handmade finish; the pieces they produce stand out with an original look and feel. I cut from the best and I cut mine from Originally Kasified Clothing. Catch them on www.kasifiedclothing.co.za and on facebook they are Originally Kasified Clothing.

By Themba Ka Mhlanga

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  2. Khipon my nigga, i salute you, are you stil at the Art Gallery in joburg. My cousin was one of your models…impressed of your job and Vuka Darkie..i am so inspired..do you accept installments for the Mama Kea shoe?

  3. these are so dope, please let me know if yall are going to be doing anything in cape town.

  4. Well done guys. Afrikan culture & fashion has inspired & influenced the world for centuries and it’s happening. Most of them won’t even admit it. Take it back

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