The South African Ghetto

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STARDE a Colour Revolution

From as far back as we are capable of reaching, human kind has always been interested in adjusting the appearance and look for a variety of reasons. Reasons ranging from attracting mates, camouflaging in hunts, cultural and personal expressions, to make ourselves appear fiercer to […]

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Ancestral Essence

    Hidden in plain view, our ancestors have been always with us. They have enjoyed every smile, witnessed every frown and experienced every tear drop. They have supported us in every step and essentially made us who were are today. We unfortunately, do not […]

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Black beauty pageants are central Eurocentric conformists

    In countering projects already established by our former colonisers, we are not only validating the so called ‘inferiority complex’ that we are believed to experience, but we are also making history within a platform set by Euro-American modernity.

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