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How to Build Africa

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The Nomos of White Settler Colonialism: A Race-First Pan-Africanist south African Analysis

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“Nomos is the measure by which the land in a particular order is divided and situated; it is also the form of the political, social and religious order determined by this process” (Carl Smichtt) “The nomos by which a tribe, a retinue or a people […]

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Can the narrative be changed: Demonized African ceremonies and other religious ceremonies

   A people that cannot celebrate themselves and their culture would never believe in themselves and their capabilities. In my previous paper ‘The Relevance of Magadi in the Modern African Society’, I spoke about the struggles that have engulfed Africa; the struggles that include but […]

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Africa’s time of trouble, the Coming of “the white strangers” and the shape of things to come: A “No Humans Involved” sequel.

“Very few people talk about this subject from an African point of view, because the coming of the europeans not only to Africa, but the coming of the europeans to the world was disaster. And yet when you read the history books the assumption is […]

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What is the View from the Bridge? There is no room for all of us at the rendezvous of victory

“And the bridge was suspended between the two eternities Arched so high up there that the Watchman Could from his tower see all that had gone before And all that was to come. And that is why the anxious, helpless peoples of this crazy world […]

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Tribute Birdie Mboweni: Artistry as an Instrument of Societal-Cultural Elevation

She carries the mic as a spear that pierces through trivial non-committed discourse material. Her music is laced with lyrical content armed with cultural value notions associated with aspects of our nature that supports our humanity. Tribute Birdie Mboweni is an on and off the […]

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