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Phela Re Phele Musical Arts Academy (PRP) started in Glenridge-Protea in 2013 and teaches children from the age of 5 up to adulthood. Its mandate is to teach how to read, write and play music. Its slogan “together we make harmony” has not just been a slogan but it has become a way of life. It is a music academy that enriches the children’s minds with life and its whole aspects.



Kgaogelo Mailula and Magalane Phoshoko who are performers and music educators founded PRP. The two have been involved in music for a very long time and have been sharing their love in different ways such as teaching, composing, arranging, as well as playing professionally for a wide variety of audiences.

Science has proven that music improves the left brain activity. Itumeleng Leputu, now 11 years of age, is a perfect example of music improving brain activity. In his early primary years he was a bright student and he moved schools to a local school and with challenges at home his grades also dropped, this was in the year 2013, but when he started his music lessons at Phela Re Phele music academy, and time went by and with the joy of playing and learning an instrument, his academics picked up. His teachers started noticing his improvements and he got noted for his good-work. He was able to improve his relationships with people as well; he gained confidence and started engaging himself with people more comfortably. Playing in an ensemble and performing to different audiences, made him gain confidence significantly.
The academy only started with just 2 children and now it hosts atleast 15 children and has introduced different types of instrument lessons such as Xylophone, Recorder, Bass guitar, Trumpet, Saxophone, Violin and Piano, which now enables them to have more different ensembles. In just two years they have been able to perform at different places such as St. Mary’s School in Waverly and Baptist Church in Eldorado Park. The Academy has also hosted two successful annual concerts where they also got to invite young musicians from different schools such as Buhlebuzile Secondary (East rand), PJ Simelane (Dobsonville) and St. Stithians Boys Prep (Randburg). The aim of the concerts is to share children’s talents through ensemble performance.



Furthermore, PRP involves its pupils in Visual arts activities, which also enhance their creativity. Pupils get to create different art works such as bangles, celebration cards, painting, drawing, and much more.
The academy  has five teachers who volunteer their time in sharing their talents as well as their knowledge with the students of the academy. The support from the student’s parents has also enabled the academy to grow healthily. The academy is looking to grow further in the near future and hopes to develop children’s style of learning with the aim of improving their academics and to explore their talents in music too. With a little bit of financial assistance PRP believes it can achieve more.
By Nelly Luputu

13 thoughts on “Phela Re Phele Musical Arts Academy

  1. Very interesting story of black people doing it for themselves.
    If music improves one’s academics, why don’t all South African schools offer it as one of the subjects learned? Bravo Phela Re Phele…!! Keep improving the lives of children through music…we salute you!

  2. Research has also proven that children who do music perform better in maths and science. It is impressive to learn about teachers at Phela Re Phele volunteering their time in helping to build township children through music. Such teachers are aware about the benefits of music in the child’s growth. Music enforces stability and discipline in a child’s life. The story about the boy who improved his academics and social life through music is indeed inspiring. Therefore, it tells me that if all schools could have music as one of the subjects learned, we would build better communities.

  3. It is with such strides that we strive towards imoproving our being and get to better know ourselves through mediums and differnt proffessions But music is not a medium or a proffession, just Art and ART is a way of Life. Learn Listen and Realize…………

  4. You need to start somewhere in order to be great so far what I have red, PRP is making progress. I’m proud of Magalane and Kgaogelo the owners of the school ofcourse they were faced with challenges but they never gave up. This is a perfect example of hardworking.

  5. An amazing concept to harness the intrinsic power of music for the comprehensive upliftment

  6. I have seen this project grow with my own eyes and I’ve seen the children develop from not playing a single instrument and not to giving full solo and ensemble performances. This is one project I would give all my money to if it was possible because they produce amazing results!

  7. It is heartwarming to learn about the activities at Phela Re Phele. Indeed vuka darkie…go higher and higher PRP we support you!!

  8. It is heart warming to read such wonderful comments, encouragements and then providing support, it truly is a blessing when you have people that understand and are willing to extend their hands to others for help in bettering their lives. Care is where it all starts then it becomes easy to love. Vuka Darkie is aiming to bedazzle the care especially in our black communities #blacklivesmatter and Phela Re Phele is sharing the love of art and both are sharing that knowledge is power that no one can never take away from you. Phela Re Phele is doing so through the art of music and Vuka Darkie through the art of writing, of story telling. Let us create vibrant waves that strive to reach out more and more to the people of the soil. Thank you.

  9. Nobody is going to stop PRP? forward they go if you want to see result send your kids to the academy you’ll be surprised I really love productive BLACK PEOPLE keep on producing PRP you make me proud wola.

  10. Music making practice and performance is always a great process that challenges one to become a master of that destiny. It instills discipline, focus and drive to achieve the utmost best. It helps one to find passion and love for what he/she is doing, when the final product can be shared to the amusement of the audience.Those minutes and hours put into practice and the dedication to the instrument and song/s, plus the necessary patience required, build one to become a better person. Amazingly such a person becomes better even in other areas of studies, in case of learners or students. The arts play a pivotal role in inspiring creativity. The melodies, rhythms and harmonies are meant to be shared with all the people of the world. I wish all the success to Phela Re Phele Academy on their mission to unearth the talents and in keeping the musical spirit alive. This is the true spirit of building a nation. Looking forward to annual concert on the 26 September at Constitution Hill. Pula…….

  11. A great concept created by two humbled individuals who saw the need to uplift the standard of living in the township through music. Thank you Vukadarkie for sharing such stories with us. May PRP grow from strength to strength

  12. PRP,is going far.
    concert held on the 26th/09/2015 @ Constitutional Hill was excellent.
    we are very proud of our kids and they enjoy themselves.
    love Malesedi/makoko/makamo/makgaugelo

  13. Dear Magalane and Kgaogelo, I am sorry I missed your concert in September, but luckily we have ways of sharing extraordinary moments in music and music education this way. Remembering thankfully all those shared moments of harmony via music in Finland, from 1999 to 2006, by which we bridge our sense of otherness by fundamentally human means of music and dance. I congratulate you for your vision, talent and perseverance and seek to share the knowledge your of efforts here in Finland.

    Marjut Haussila

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