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Inzalo y’langa at Mpumalanga, South Africa

Come springtime, its harvest time. Plants blossom, people celebrate and embrace the sun after a very cold season. At my home we prepare traditional beer, we slaughter a goat or a sheep and we have our own traditional ritual at the river. We pray, we give thanks and we eat. Somehow, I figured that there must be a significant reason why we do this every September. September represents the beginning of a new season, the begging of a new life. And, in South Africa, September is regarded as heritage month. And this is why I felt the need to write about Inzalo y’langa, at South Africa, as a place that should be celebrated as forming an important African heritage.

Thousands and thousands of years ago a place was born. A great people had one of the greatest civilizations known to mankind in our very own motherland, Mpumalanga. The most beautiful province in South Africa is the pillar of “electromagnetic waves”, (taken from Michael Tellinger’s book, Temples of the African gods. However, it must be stated that Michael Tellinger consulted and was informed by Baba Credo Mutwa with regards to a number of details in his book. And Baba Mutwa has come out criticizing Tellinger for misrepresenting a number of facts in his book and promoting a white agenda), and perhaps where life began. The Birth of the Sun (Which means the birthplace of the son of humanity) or Inzalo y’langa where humanity was created by the gods, is situated next to Barberton Valley and Sheba Gold mine which is one of the wealthiest mine in the world today.

Human history on earth, according to historians, cannot be separated from gold, for example slavery and today. In 2003, a pilot named Johan Heine flew over the mountains of Mpumalanga and saw stone circles aligned in different shapes of forms scattered around the mountains, but when he consulted about the stone circles, he was told that stone circles are “Cattle Kraal” of the Bantu people who migrated to the North. The “Cattle Kraal” had more crucial and significant wisdom of our history and identity. There are ancient stone temples and dwellings that would date back to 75 000 years ago and it seems there was a civilisation in search of gold. “The stone circles are aligned to the cardinal points north, south, east and west, as well as the equinoxes and solstice. There were at least 3 monoliths aligned towards the sunrise, cut on the west side of the aligned monoliths there was a strange hole in the ground. The stones are encoded with the rising of the sun and sacred geometry and geology tells us that the stones were brought from somewhere else”, said Tellinger. This means the stones are aligned to track the movement of the sun, which casts a shadow over the rock. “It still works today by following the shadow of the sun which is cast by the taller central monolith onto the flat stone. The civilisation in South Africa dates back to 270 000 years, Adams Calendar was originally a large circular stone structure resembling the Stonehenge and in the center of the circle are two upright stones which are said to have been carved”, Tellinger added. The two stones in the center are 3 meters tall and the stones are said to be dolomite and weigh 5 tons each, however, the stones are said to be transported from a distant site. The stone circles have no entrances or doors and this is one of the mysterious found at the site.

Stone circles scattered around

What were stone circles used for when there are no doors? Michael adds in his book that the stone circles are connected by an extensive network of channels that are often assumed as ‘roads’ by historians. Tellinger ‘named’ the historical site as the Adam’s Calendar (the audacity of this Mafikizolo (Johnny-come-lately)), and the reason why it is named a Calendar is “because the setting of the sun casts a shadow from one stone to another and it is a summer solstice and winter solstice”. The historical site has a connection with Orions belt and it was build along the same 31-degree longitudinal lines as the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and the Great Zimbabwe stone circles, suggesting a connection with Orions belt and the ancient civilisation. “The stone circle is completely unique because it represents the cymatic shape of the sound frequency, that cone out the earth at the exact point. The civilisation created the centric circle connecting it together so that they had energy to use”, said Tellinger.

Monoliths facing the rise of Orion belt

Apparently, the people from the stars who came down to Mpumalanga are the ones who build the historical civilisation. Anu and Antu are said to be the gods from the stars, Anu is the husband of Antu the goddess. “Anu means children of the god including Africans and Sumerians and Antu means the great mother. They had sons and daughters, and Inanna is one of their daughters who also has a significant history at The Birth of the Sun”, said Baba Mutwa. At the site there is a tree looking over the horizon and the tree grows out of altar, under the tree it is said there was a cavity about 3 meters long and 3 meters deep under the altar. “Dumuzi and Inanna were lovers according to the Sumerian tablets and when Dumuzi died, Inanna took his body to the deep Abzu where she buried him at his father’s special place”, Michael concluded.

“A male and female sangoma would culturally mate to unite heaven and earth behind Ningizimo, a bull that guards the south, and rituals were performed as late as 1941. The gods were black and black people were the mothers’ of the Sumerian civilisation”, said Baba Credo Mutwa. The Rise of the Sun has stones aligned as cardinal points, therefore, Ningizimo, the bull that guards south may possibly be the stone that guards the south.

As much as the historical site was surrounded by gold, it only makes sense that the gods amongst other reasons, came down to Mpumalanga for gold. When the people of the stars settled in Mpumalanga, both men and women mined for gold. However, Baba Credo Mutwa explained that men were not supposed to dig gold because it was believed that the male miner was raping the mother earth by digging her soil. Therefore women were the gold diggers but somehow, both women and men found a way to work together. The gold diggers used stones to dig a hole instead of using metal, “Mine workers were not allowed to use metal objects. They had to use stones out of respect. Ntsimbi or Tshipi means the fearful living object. Ntsi- means object and Mbi-means very evil”, said Baba Mutwa.

Lebo Motaung is a caretaker at the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village, and he said, “The people who lived at the Adams Calendar would harvest fruits and vegetables, and on the 24th of September, they would send some of their food to the chief and he would share the food with the community. They celebrated a New Year, a new life and it was an important day in the Adams Calendar”. Children received teachings through storytelling and the civilisation believed and practised astrology. During full moon, a body of a woman manifests and a round circle represents fertility or life.

The southern region of Africa is known as Abzu or Abtshu and at the Inzalo y’langa there is a guardian bird known to the Egyptian as “Horus bird”. “Horus lines up with the rising of the sun and it is also looking at the rise of Orions belt, beautifully carve, it has a flat belly. The noise is broken off and when you stand it up, it stands about 3 meters high”, said Tellinger. The Inzalo y’langa has a significant history and there may be more information to be discovered, however, the site is very old which dates back to 270 000 years ago, floods and other elements damaged some of the stone circles and due to erosion the soil covers some of the monoliths. Such places in South Africa need to be recognized and studied because that is where humankind history and wisdom exist. Let us educate ourselves and take pride in our identity. Vuka Darkie!

By Palesa Mohlamme

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