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Once upon a time, we spoke the same language. We were family. We understood each other. We worked as a team. They could see what I could not see and I could carry what they could not carry. We travelled together; nothing could separate us, as long as we remembered who we were.

Language is the agreed sound we make to describe the images before our eyes. We no longer describe things as we did as children from our inner self; we now use the memorised terms that have no connection to the things that we see.

For some of us the natural link has gone. I had an Uncle in Nigeria, who could talk to his bird in a special language. The bird would fly off and come back with news of what it had seen.

Around the world, people have formed relationship with animals as pets. They have cultivated a method of communication that requires no words. Like a mother with a newborn child, they instinctively know what the animal needs.

The Orisha Inle told me that once upon a time, everything spoke the same language. With time this language was lost as we travelled and were no longer able to agree to the same sound for what we saw.

I believe that beyond our memory, deeper within our inner self, we all still have the ability to communicate with all of existence. If we are the intelligence and not the image we see in the mirror, then the real us is invisible to everyone one.

The real self of the animals, plants, insects are also invisible. It is our attachment to the idea of what we are as opposed to who are, is the true barrier to our ability to communicate.

On the invisible level we all speak the same language. Now when you can think on that level and you believe in your ancestors, what do you think could be the block to your link?

Our Ancestors exist as intelligence, like ourselves. Our communication with them is more to do with our attachment to the idea of being alive or dead. We are energy we can never be destroyed.

We are light as they are, we communicate as they do, we hear what they say, and unfortunately, we have been conditioned to look for a human body as the source.

Communication with them is natural; the first requires your belief.

By Edison Agbanje


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