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Slave religions are so mainstream because of their very useful population control success tactics, especially amongst African people. There is clearly not an equal distribution of power, which is why African people are still marching for humane treatment. When people are stuck in a system where laws and rules are being forced upon those who don’t get to opt out of it that is called being born into slavery against one’s own inherent free will. Who are the ones tampering with nature, water, food supply, creating made up viruses every year, creating vaccinations, abducting animals from their natural habitats and placing them in confined zoo exhibits just for amusement, invading indigenous lands to slaughter the people and steal natural resources, who are the ones who indulge in destruction for sport?


Indigenous spiritual systems and rituals are the key to African people’s freedom from all forms of oppression and inner suppression – which is why in mainstream media, indigenous spirituality has always been demonized, mocked or turned into comedy. If you openly reject mainstream religion such as Christianity, you instantly get accused of being evil, your friends and family who were taught oppression will turn on you as well, you will get accused of being negative. The dynamic of free spirited Africans being treated as a evil outcast for not wanting to submit to the slave masters teachings, started in the most horrific slavery days. The slaves who were submissive and obeying the new religion that was forced onto them, had to monitor each other to see if anyone was going against the master’s word aka “the word of god”. They would tell on the free spirited one, that slave would get shamed, beat or killed if they were not “humble” enough to submit to the word of god. Observe the psychological beliefs of suppressed Africans. They believe in being humble, God fearing, submissive, waiting on Jesus and will become inwardly hostile if they witness another African who rejects the belief system, this is how people act in the present year that we call “2015”. They still believe it’s against the law to be in tune with one’s own inherent spirituality. The ones in power at every angle of this rigged societal pyramid structure do not believe in Jesus, they are not praying to the approved of God that they gave to you. They are into the occult, the sciences, the math, the metaphysics, psychology, astrology, electromagnetic, telepathy, blood rituals, oaths and humans are taught to recite a pledge of allegiance to all sorts of mind control. Your power has been directed into a filter and is being siphoned into those who run the system…To regain your power you have to travel into your inner sources that have been demonized.

By Mystic Rose

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